Autonomous Vulnerability Remediation

TOPIA is a cloud-based platform to assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in applications, assets, and operating systems.

Vulnerability Assessment

Patch Management

Risk Reduction

Prioritization with Context and Threat Analysis

Focus on vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited instead of solving problems that don’t exist. TOPIA prioritizes software vulnerabilities using CVSS base metrics and an AI-based contextual usage risk-scoring engine. Get comprehensive coverage of your digital environment’s security status with a contextual and personalized threat analysis.

Patch Management

Integrated patch deployment tools cover Microsoft, Linux, Mac and 3rd party applications from the same dashboard to efficiently target all risks. TOPIA allows you to quickly test and install patches across your organization’s assets while maintaining transparency between departments. Plan ahead with scheduled one-time or recurring patches. Equip your IT and cybersecurity teams with the tools they require to work together and succeed.

Patchless Protection

Vicarius assists with eliminating threats before they impact your security hygiene. TOPIA’s Patchless Protection reduces the risk of a security breach, even if a patch isn’t available. Using in-memory protection, TOPIA deploys a force-field around vulnerable applications, so you can keep unpatched applications safe.


Threats don’t take time off, but Auto-Actions empower you to respond and mitigate threats automatically. With Auto-Actions, you can update individual or groups of assets automatically, you can deploy patches automatically based on severity, you can even set scripts to run anytime in response to triggering factors.

Competitive Advantages

Patchless Protection – In-memory protection for software binaries and libraries

Hands-off Deployment – Cloud-first architecture, no local hardware required

Data Prioritization – Proprietary MapReduce engine to collect, format, and analyze execution attributes

Software Binary Tracking – Proprietary database for publicly available software binaries and libraries

Blindspot Detection – Agent deployment is used to scan for unmanaged devices

Why Topia?

  • Unified Platform That Replaces 2-3 Others
  • Next-Gen Solution with Advanced Capabilities
  • Coherent and Competitive Pricing Model
  • SaaS-based, Easy to Integrate and Use
  • 5 Minute Setup and Deployment

How Topia Works

Analyze – TOPIAis the first all-in-one vulnerability management solution with the ability to analyze proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without official CVEs.

  • App Auto Recognition
  • App Threat Analysis
  • Asset Threat Analysis

Prioritize – An innovative prioritization engine combines the organizational infrastructure context landscape with thousands of data points and 0-days to accurately pinpoint any outstanding risk.

  • xTags – Contextual Prioritization
  • App & Asset Risk Scoring
  • Prioritization Mapping

Act – For each risk it analyzes, TOPIA provides a list of recommended actions to eliminate it and enables you to stay safe and resilient no matter what risks you’re confronting.

  • Recommended Actions Engine.
  • Real-Time Patch Management.
  • Patchless Protection.

Topia – Unique Value Points

  • All in one – Consolidated Vulnerability Management Platform -From initial scanning to final remediation.
  • Real time Visibility and coverage with a Continuous Threat Discovery & Predictive Risk Analysis.
  • Contextual Prioritization – Patch only what really matters to your organization.
  • Patchless Protection (“Virtual Patching”) for patchless CVE’s & zero Day vulnerabilities.
  • Super User-friendly Interface -Intuitive, straight forward, extremely smooth Journey.
  • Cloud Native Environment – adjusted for WFH, remote deployment, zero maintenance, no need for VPN.

Value for CRS Partners

Become the Leader of the Pack – Offer the only SAAS end to end solution in the market.

Shorten your sale cycle – Improve your ROI – Complete your Demo-POC-PO journey in 2 months.

White Glove Service – VIP Onboarding, Lightning Speed SLA, Joint Demo’s and POC’s.

Increase your Services Portfolio & Margins – From one-time engagements to a menu of professional services based on Topia’s capabilities.

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Autonomous Vulnerability Remediation

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