Vectra Platform Overview

The adoption of Hybrid Cloud has led to an increased Attack Surface, making it easier for Attackers to Bypass Prevention Controls, Infiltrate, Compromise Credentials, Gain Privileged Access, Move Laterally and Exfiltrate Sensitive Corporate Data while largely going undetected. In fact, Vectra research found that 72% of Security Leaders think they may have been Breached but don’t know it. Put another way, “we don’t know where we are compromised - right now.”

We call this the unknown

We argue the Unknown Threat is the biggest risk to organizations today, and it is being fueled by the massive shift to hybrid cloud over the past two years. The challenge for security teams defending against the unknown comes down to three points:

·        How to cover more Attack Surface without adding more complexity?

·        How to Detect more Evasive Attackers without creating more alert noise?

·   How to ensure SOC Analysts keep pace without burning them out?

Vectra Hybrid Cloud Threat Detection and Response Platform and Services

Our approach is simple. Defending against Modern Cyber Attackers comes down to arming defenders with the right coverage, clarity, and control. Attack Surface Coverage across four of the five attack surfaces: network (both on-premises and cloud-based), public cloud, SaaS, identity and endpoint detection and response (EDR) integrations for context, workflow and response.

 Vectra provides the Hybrid Cloud Building Blocks to Future Proof your Cyber Defense as your Attack Surface expands

·        Vectra Network Detection and Response (NDR)

·        Vectra Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) for AWS

·        Vectra Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) for M365

·        Vectra Identity Detection and Response (IDR) for Azure AD

·        Vectra Recall to query, investigate, hunt for threats

·        Vectra Stream for security-enriched metadata lake

·        Vectra Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


Signal Clarity with Vectra’s Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence™

Automate Threat Detection, Triage and Prioritization across the Cyber Kill Chain from Execution, Persistence and Reconnaissance to Command and Control, Evasion, Access, Escalation, Lateral Movement and Exfiltration.


Reduce Risk

Ensure that a compromise in your organization never becomes a headline. Unknown Threats is the biggest risk to organizations today. Vectra AI's Threat Detection and Response Platform protects your business from cyberattacks by detecting attackers in real time and taking immediate action


Boost Efficiency

Ensure your Analysts are working on the right incidents at the right time. Vectra AI's Threat Detection and Response Platform protects your business from cyberattacks by detecting attackers in real time and taking immediate action.


Intelligent Control with AI-Enabled Operations

An intuitive user interface that puts answers at analysts’ fingertips. Including automated workflows that reduce complexity and cost by automating manual tasks, while targeted response puts analysts in control with flexible response actions triggered automatically or manually.


Ensure Compliance

Assess and seamlessly adapt to changes in Security and Regulatory mandates. Learn about Vectra's coverage with one-page explanations of each detection including possible triggers, root causes, business impacts and steps to verify.


Incident Response

Flexible and Targeted Response Actions to Isolate, Contain, or Disrupt Active Attacks. Incident Response and Knowing When to Automate · Visibility, detection and prioritization of attack indicators from endpoints and networks.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

–Vectra MDR is a 24x7x365 eyes-on-glass service. Team up with SOC experts who act as an extension of your team to prevent costly, embarrassing breaches. When you combine the power of Vectra AI with Vectra MDR analysts, you can keep costly, embarrassing breaches from ever happening.

Prioritize Real Threats and Turn the Tables on Attackers

The Vectra Hybrid Cloud Threat Detection and Response Platform harnesses Attack Signal Intelligence, Empowering Analysts with:

·        Behavior-based models accurately detect attacker TTPs.

·        Correlated detections of attacker TTPs across domains.

·        Comprehensive visibility of the complete attack narrative.

·        Continuous analysis of all active detections for commonalities.

·        Intuitive by design to distinguish malicious vs. benign activity.

·        Automated to expose the malicious and log the benign.

·        Real-time threat analysis for severity and impact.

·        Unified view of prioritized threats by severity and impact.

·        Contextual alerting accelerates investigation and response.

Resiliency across your SOC

The Vectra Hybrid Cloud Threat Detection and Response platform and services provide the intelligent signal that empowers security analysts to take intelligent action. The result: empower SOC teams to get ahead and stay ahead of modern, evasive and sophisticated attackers.

Streamline research of M365 and AWS Control Plane logs to understand the attacks facing you in minutes.

Integrate existing tech for correlation and context and to automate analyst workflows and response controls.

Managed Detection, Response, and Training Services to Provide the Skills and 24/7/365 reinforcements defenders need.

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