Short-term Planning with Maximo Scheduler – MAX4344G

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Short-term Planning with Maximo Scheduler


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ILO – Instructor Lead Online Training


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In this course, you will learn how to perform short-term planning using core Maximo Graphical Scheduler applications, such as Scheduler Data Manager, Graphical Resource View, and Graphical Work Week.

In this course, you will learn how to perform short term planning using core Maximo Graphical Scheduler applications. You’ll learn how to prepare your data for scheduling activities using Scheduler Data Manager and how to manage and modify your resource availability using Graphical Resource View. You will also learn how to use the Graphical Work Week application to schedule and assign work while you manage resources over a short period of time. This course includes hands-on labs walking you through the CR – Classroom Trainingeation of base scheduling data, validating that data using Scheduler Data Manager as well, and modifying your resource availability and assigning work.

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Target Audience:

Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users, End Users




Module 1: Maximo Scheduler Overview


  • Introduction to Maximo Scheduler
  • Advantages of Maximo Scheduler
  • Maximo Scheduler Role
  • Process of Planning and Scheduling
  • Graphical Applications
  • Administration Applications


Module 2: Maximo Scheduler – Data Setup


  • Maximo Scheduler Data Set Prerequisite
  • Key Work Order Fields used in Scheduler
  • Start Date, Finish Date and Duration Calculation


Module 3: Introduction to Graphical Scheduling and Key Scheduling Data


  • Introduction to Graphical Scheduling
  • Key Data Setup
  • Scheduling – Data Best Practices
  • Demonstration: CR – Classroom Trainingeating Scheduler Data Base


Module 4: Scheduler Data Manager


  • Overview and Navigation
  • Calendar Validation
  • Query Validation
  • Work Validation
  • Dependencies
  • Resources Validation
  • Assignment Validation
  • Demonstration: Correcting Data Error using Scheduler Data Manager


Module 5: Navigating Graphical Resource View


  • Overview of Graphical Resource View
  • Navigation and List Page
  • Resource List
  • Views and Toolbars
  • Right Click Actions
  • Availability Display
  • Shift Pattern Day
  • Modifying Availability
  • Date Cell Information
  • Demonstration: Navigating Graphical Resource View (GRV)
  • Demonstration: Modifying Availability and Setting Vacation in GRV


Module 6: Managing and Assigning Work in Graphical Work Week


  • Managing Work
  • Work List Columns
  • Resource loadSchedule Validation
  • Single Assignments
  • Multiple Assignments
  • Split and Merge Assignments
  • Assignment Validation
  • Right Click Actions
  • Demonstration: Managing and Assigning Work with Graphical Work Week


Module 7: Managing Resources in Graphical Work Week


  • Managing Resources
  • Resource Allocation
  • Modified Availability
  • Demonstration: Managing Resource in Graphical Work Week


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the usage of Maximo Scheduler applications
  • Prepare Calendar and Work Data for scheduling.
  • Validate scheduling data using Scheduler Data Manager.
  • Perform resource availability modifications using the Graphical Resource View application.
  • Manage resource availability using the Graphical Work Week application.
  • Manage labor and CR – Classroom Trainingew assignments using the Graphical Work Week application.
  • Configure new availability reason codes in the Domains application.




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IBM Maximo Application Suite

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Short-term Planning with Maximo Scheduler – Code: MAX4344G

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