Maximo Application Suite – Manage: Database configuration – MAX4338G

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Maximo Application Suite – Manage: Database configuration


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ILO – Instructor Lead Online Training


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Learn about database configuration for Maximo Application Suite and how to use the built-in applications for CR – Classroom Trainingeating and configuration of various components.

In this course, you will learn how to extend the Maximo Manage datamodel using the in-built applications, including the CR – Classroom Trainingeation of new objects, attributes, relationships, views, and indexes. This course also discusses the defaulting and auto-numbering of values and the configuration of field-level auditing and e-signature, along with other actions in the Database Configuration application.

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Target Audience:

Consultants, System Administrators, Support, Sales, Users




Module 1: Overview of Database Configuration 

  • Key feature and function 
  • Core Terminology 
  • Database Structure 
  • Maximo Data Dictionary 
  • Relationships 
  • Views 
  • Indexes  


Module 2: CR – Classroom Trainingeation of New Objects 

  • Concepts of Object 
  • How to CR – Classroom Trainingeate an Object
  • Important Properties Available


Module 3: CR – Classroom Trainingeation of New Attributes 

  • Concepts of Attributes 
  • How to CR – Classroom Trainingeate an Attributes I
  • mportant Properties Available  


Module 4: Applying Database Configuration Changes 

  • Database Configuration Changes 
  • Different ways of DB configuration 
  • Admin Mode Dialog Properties  


Module 5: CR – Classroom Trainingeation of New Relationship 

  • CR – Classroom Trainingeation of Relationships 
  • Utilization of Relationship  


Module 6: Default Value in Maximo 

  • Concepts of Defaulting Value 
  • Various Ways of Configuring Default Value 
  • Autonumbering, Defaulting and Prefix  


Demonstration: Database Configuration 


Demonstration: Defaulting a Value  


Module 7: Adding a View 

  • Concept of a View 
  • Utilization of a View 
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeation of a View 


Student Exercises: Lab 1: Simple Workflow  


Module 8: Indexes 

  • Important of Indexing 
  • Different Types of Indexes 
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeation of an Index 
  • Functions of Indexes  


Module 9: Maximo Messages 

  • CR – Classroom Trainingeation of Messages 
  • Different Types of Messages 
  • Demo of a Custom Message  


Module 10: Common and More Actions 

  • Application Actions U
  • Utilizations of the More Actions  


Module 11: Enabling E-Signature in Maximo 

  • Enabling E-Signature 
  • Conditional E-Signature  


Demonstration: Enabling E-Signature  


Demonstration: Enabling E-Auditing  


Student Exercises: Lab 2: Team Exercise


After completing this course, you should be able to:


  • Discuss database configuration updates and capabilities
  • Perform database configuration changes
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate New Objects
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate New Attributes
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate New Relationships
  • Add a View to Maximo
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate New database Indexes
  • Default Values in Maximo
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate User Messages
  • Discuss Common and More Actions
  • Enable Auditing in Maximo
  • Enable E-Signature in Maximo
  • Implement and practice these concepts in the hands-on lab




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IBM Maximo Application Suite

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Maximo Application Suite – Manage: Database configuration – Code: MAX4338G

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