IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series: Setting up core data part 1 – MAX4303G

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IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series: Setting up core data part 1


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SPVC – Self-Paced Virtual Training


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This self-paced training course introduces students to IBM Maximo v7.6 and is a part of the Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series.

This self-paced training course introduces students to IBM Maximo solution. This course includes interactive video presentations, demonstrations, and a virtual lab. 


This course will cover setting up core data in Maximo including setting up organizations, sites, financial options, classifications and locations. 


ATTENTION: This is course 2 of 9 in the IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series badge.  Each course and lab exercise can be completed independently within the bootcamp series, but if you are new to Maximo it is recommended that you work through the courses in sequence. You can earn a badge if you complete the entire series and pass the quiz.  Click here to go to the badge course (IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series badge). Click here to view the badge on CR – Classroom Trainingedly. 

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Target Audience:

Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users, Product Support




This course is divided into several topic areas:

  • Start here: Great place to start if you are unfamiliar with the IBM Training platform and want to get an overview of the course. It includes a course overview (this document), course instructions, and how to navigate this course.
  • Learn about IBM Maximo 7.6: This is the one of the required portions of this course. It includes the following topics: CR – Classroom Trainingeating organizations and sites, organization and financial options, classifications and locations. If you complete this section and the hands-on lab, you can obtain a certificate of completion in the Finish here section.
  • Getting started with the lab environment & exercises: This section is also required and includes the lab guide for the exercises for these topics along with information on how to access the lab environment.
  • Additional resources: This section includes supplemental materials that relate to Maximo 7.6.
  • Quick references: This section includes a collection of useful links that relate to Maximo.
  • Meet the author: Get to know the expert that developed this course.
  • Finish here: After completing the required activities, get your certificate of completion and complete the course survey.


After completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Know the system data components required to setup a Maximo system.
  • Review and recall the key points from the demo of setting up a new organization in Maximo.
  • List the various financial periods and validation options that are available.
  • DesCR – Classroom Trainingibe how to define and organize classifications.
  • DesCR – Classroom Trainingibe how to define and CR – Classroom Trainingeate locations, location hierarchy, systems and sites in Maximo.
  • Implement/discuss some of these concepts that you practiced in the hands-on lab exercises.




Product Name:

IBM Maximo Asset Management

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Asset Management

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MAX4303G; MAX4303; Maximo Application Server; MAS

VMWare-Based (simple) (10)

Lab Access Duration: 30


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