DFSMS Implementation – SS84G

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DFSMS Implementation


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4 Day/s

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This is an intermediate course is for personnel responsible for developing and implementing effective storage management techniques using DFSMS.

This course provides the skills required to plan and implement Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS). A step-by-step implementation strategy, emphasizing coexistence considerations, is reinforced by hands-on labs. In the hands-on labs, students will be CR – Classroom Trainingeating constructs as well as coding ACS routines. This milestone approach includes managing temporary and permanent data sets. The course also discusses exploitation of functions provided by DFSMS as the installation evolves to the DFSMS environment.

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Target Audience:

This is an intermediate course is for personnel responsible for developing and implementing effective storage management techniques using DFSMS.



You should take the following courses or equivalent knowledge may be substituted for these courses.

  • Introduction to Storage (SS01G)

It is recommended that the student have programming experience which will aid in the writing of the ACS routines.


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1 – Course introduction and DFSMS overview Lab 1 – ISMF
  • Lab 1 – Review
  • Unit 2 – Activating SMS

Day 2

  • Lab 2 – Activating SMS with minimal configuration
  • Lab 2 – Review
  • Unit 3 – Writing ACS routines
  • Unit 4 – Managing temporary data sets
  • Lab 3 – Managing temporary data sets

Day 3

  • Lab 3 – Review
  • Unit 5 – Exploiting DFSMS
  • Unit 6 – Managing permanent data sets
  • Lab 4 – Managing permanent data sets

Day 4

  • Lab 4 – Review
  • Unit 7 – Using NaviQuest
  • Unit 8 – Device preparation and data movement
  • Lab 5 – Volume and data set conversion to SMS
  • Lab 5 – Review
  • Unit 9 – Controlling DFSMS
  • Lab 6 – System operations
  • Unit 10 – Additional considerations



  • Establish a DFSMS configuration to automatically enforce your installation’s storage management policies
  • _x000D_

  • Convert service level requirements into appropriate parameters for data class, storage class, management class, and storage groups
  • _x000D_

  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate and test automatic class selection (ACS) routines
  • _x000D_

  • Convert volumes and move data to system-managed volumes with data facility data set services (DFSMSdss)
  • _x000D_

  • Specify appropriate management class and storage group parameters for
  • _x000D_

  • DFSMShsm processing of system-managed data sets
  • _x000D_

  • Establish procedures to control, manage, and recover the storage management subsystem with ISMF and operator commands
  • _x000D_

  • Develop a DFSMS implementation plan
  • _x000D_


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Tivoli Advanced Reporting and Management for DFSMShsm

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DFSMS Implementation – Code: SS84G

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Replaced By: SS01G

Course introduction and DFSMS overview;SS84G;SS84; z/OS

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