Administering Environments with IBM Instana Observability – ZN201G

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Administering Environments with IBM Instana Observability


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SPVC – Self-Paced Virtual Training


2 Day/s

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This course teaches how use IBM Instana Observability to boost observability into your enterprise and enhance your miCR – Classroom Trainingoservices APM, providing the context needed to resolve incidents faster.

In this course, you learn how to perform observability and application performance monitoring functions using IBM Instana Observability. You learn the architecture of Instana and how the data flows from the sensors and tracers, through the agents, and to the big data backend. You learn essential user interface techniques and how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate application perspectives and to use their dashboards to monitor the services. In addition, this course desCR – Classroom Trainingibes distributed tracing and how IBM Instana AutoTrace works and how to quickly trace issues down to the root cause. You also learn how the differences between changes, issues, and incidents and how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate alerts to notify team members when certain CR – Classroom Trainingiteria is met. You experiment with establishing roles for users with group permissions. And you learn how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate custom dashboards to help you keep track of the things for which you are responsible.

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Target Audience:

This course is designed for those who need to know what Instana is capable of doing for their enterprise, for those who need to maintain the stability and uptime of their applications, and for those who are interested in optimizing performance and response times and user experiences.



  • Fundamental understanding of distributed applications
  • Knowledge of Linux a plus


  • Course introduction
  • Unit 1. Essentials of IBM Instana Observability
  • Exercise 1. Introduction to IBM Instana Observability
  • Unit 2. Introduction to IBM Instana Observability
  • Exercise 2. Introduction To Instana
  • Unit 3. Infrastructure view and Dynamic Focus Query
  • Exercise 3. Infrastructure View and Dynamic Focus Queries
  • Unit 4. Applications and Services
  • Exercise 4. Applications and Services
  • Unit 5. Analytics and Tracing
  • Exercise 5. Analytics and Tracing
  • Unit 6. Events and Alerts
  • Exercise 6. Events and Alerts
  • Unit 7. Users and Groups
  • Exercise 7. Users and Groups
  • Unit 8. Custom Dashboards
  • Exercise 8. Custom Dashboards
  • Course summary


  • DesCR – Classroom Trainingibe the purpose of IBM Instana Observability and why it is needed
  • Check to ensure that all the services are enabled and running
  • Use Instana user interface features and dashboards
  • Navigate the Infrastructure map, perform Dynamic Focus Queries, and compare services using the Comparison table
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate application perspectives and analyze services and endpoints
  • Track down issues to the root cause using the dashboards, analytics, and tracing features
  • Use incidents, issues, and changes to help observe a system
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate custom events, alert channels, and alerts
  • Configure Smart Alerts and Custom Payloads
  • Manage user roles using group permissions
  • CR – Classroom Trainingeate custom dashboards 


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IBM Instana Observability

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Management and Platform

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ZN201;TN201;APM;application performance monitoring;Instana

VMWare-Based (XXL) 3 Day SPVC

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