Innovative From The Cloud Down

The entirely cloud-based SimplySecure managed service eliminates any need to buy or support costly hardware or software. Our highly qualified professionals leverage this powerful tool to encrypt and secure your devices as an affordable monthly service – we handle it all for you. Like all of the Cyber Retaliator Solutions’ services, this frees you up to do what you do best: run and grow your business. Device security and encryption compliance couldn’t be easier.

Protection In A Matter of Hours, Not Days

Remotely deployed through the cloud and free from onerous hardware or software requirements, Cyber Retaliator Solutions (CRS) can have you protected company-wide in just hours – including devices far from your office. CRS  can rapidly deploy the solution to all company or employee-owned devices without business disruption. Whatever your quantity and mix of Windows and Mac computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, or USB Storage devices, CRS can ensure that they are protected quickly and thoroughly. And, as with all our services, you’re billed on a monthly basis for only those devices under our protection.

Productivity and Compatibility

With no employee training or changes to behaviour required, your employees will work with their device(s) as they always have, with no obstacles to productivity. SimplySecure’s web-managed architecture works seamlessly with our other cloud-based services, so there will be no disruption to the reliable service and business uptime you’ve come to expect from us.

Encryption Is Just The Start

Our SimplySecure managed service gives us real-time visibility into your PC and mobile device environment, capturing and analyzing security metrics and allowing us to respond accordingly. While encryption is a necessary component of device security and certainly required for compliance, it doesn’t always provide complete protection. To achieve even greater protection for your sensitive business data, BeachHead can also remotely wipe or quarantine data from compromised or lost devices, remotely shut down systems, and revoke user authentication whenever necessary – and that’s just a few of the advanced tools at our disposal in protecting the integrity of your business.

PCs & MACs

PCs are still the heart and soul of employee productivity.

There’s more data here for thieves than any other mobile device. Additionally, industry, national, state and local regulations require encryption – and sometimes elimination – of all at risk consumer data. Still, many businesses fail to comply, leaving customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft, opening the possibility for legal problems, and allowing sensitive corporate information to escape.

An enlightened form of encryption and more!

Most software encryption solutions come at the expense of
employee productivity. SimplySecure however, leverages
resident OS tools. And why not? Using on-board encryption
provides both compatibility and maximum efficiency –
Microsoft, Apple and Google make sure of it! These tools
are organizationally managed and user-transparent.

While encryption is necessary and generally effective at protecting hard drive data from hackers encryption alone can’t be relied upon for complete data security. If a computer password is compromised (known or easily ascertained), or if a laptop is stolen with the power on and authenticated, encryption can’t protect it. What then? SimplySecure’s cloud-managed architecture allows the organization to reach out to that device and, drawing on a variety of security measures, this innovative tool can ensure the data is safe. For example, the administrator might opt to remotely deny access (temporary “quarantine”) to the data on a lost Windows PC or destroy completely the data on a stolen Mac.

All Things Mobile.

SimplySecure is the only web-managed endpoint security system that can enforce encryption and security policy including wiping at-risk data – on Windows & Mac PCs, iPhones & iPads, Android mobility devices and USB Flash devices from one unified administration console.

Phones & Tablets

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Productivity tools now come in many shapes and sizes: tablets, smartphones, laptops and portable computing devices. An employees’ preferences for their phones or tablets is often so strong that they will purchase the chosen device themselves. While most organizations welcome the cost-savings and enhanced employee productivity associated with today’s BYOD world, there is good reason to worry about the vulnerability of your company’s sensitive data as it proliferates on a great number of devices further and further from network and corporate control.

Engineered To Be Delivered Through “The Cloud”

and offered as software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) subscription, Beachhead services were the first to market – even before The Cloud and SaaS were fashionable. This web-managed approach has proven to be particularly pertinent given the proliferation of device types, operating systems and communication protocols that have moved ever further from corporate controls. With Beachhead subscriptions there is absolutely no software or network infrastructure to buy or support. Protection can be deployed over your entire inventory of mobile devices immediately through the cloud,
providing company-wide protection in a matter of hours.

Configure to Protect All or Some of Your Mobile Devices

Beachhead’s modular system allows you to choose which devices you need to protect. Do you need policy control and security for just Tablets and Phones? Easy! Get SimplySecure Phones & Tablets modules to add to your SimplySecureTM Control Panel. You want to encrypt and secure your inventory of Mac computers? No problem. Simply add SimplySecureTM
Mac in the quantities for those devices. HIPAA regulations require you to encrypt your Windows PCs? With Beachhead’s console, you can add SimplySecureTM PC modules as needed for your unique mix of mobile devices. The SimplySecureTM system works is effective enough for company-owned devices and unobtrusive enough for devices owned by employees.

The Right Security & Policy Control for Your Organization

Beachhead subscriptions and services provide administrators with enhanced visibility and extremely easy-to-manage policy control for mobile data depositories, including your PCs, smartphones, tablets and USB storage. Now, all your endpoint data – wherever it may be – can be encrypted and secured with one powerful, centralized management console.

USB Storage

Quite possibly your largest data leakage vulnerability

Small, dense and portable storage devices that plug into PCs like flash, optical and external hard drives are ideal for transporting, backing up and sharing business data. These portable devices are so inexpensive and ubiquitous that employees often carry their own into the workplace.
Unfortunately, without oversight these popular storage devices may very well represent your company’s greatest threat for a catastrophic data breach. Fortunately, Beachhead offers SimplySecureTM USB a plug-in module to The Beachhead SimplySecureTM Management System. From one centralized management console, administrators can enforce encryption and remotely change security policy not only on Mac and Windows Computers, Android and iOS phones and tablet, but now on all standard USB storage peripheral devices.

Like all Beachhead tools

SimplySecure USB is designed to provide organizational security and control of data while balancing usability and employee productivity. The SimplySecure console administrator can choose the level of security appropriate for their unique USB use conditions. For instance, a SimplySecure administrator in one company may choose a policy that
mandates a username and password to authenticate (gain access) to their encrypted USB devices while an administrator in another company may opt for an even greater level of security. This administrator may mandate that USB devices first check-in via an Internet connection to essentially ask for
approval to unencrypt it’s contents. This way if the device has been reported lost or stolen, authentication privileges are essentially revoked – even with the right username & password and no one will have access to its contents. This silent and automatic communications gives you essentially the final say on who and under what circumstances. who accesses your
organization’s data.

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