SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Planning and Implementation Workshop

Plan and implement IBM SAN Volume Controller in your data center!


After completing this course, you should be able to:


  • Distinguish the concepts of IBM Spectrum virtualization
  • Recall the history for IBM SAN Volume Controller
  • Classify the characteristics and components of the IBM SAN Volume Controller system and SAS attached expansion enclosures
  • Outline setups required to integrate an SVC system solution
  • Summarize the SVC systems’ ability to scale for capacity and performance
  • Summarize the virtualization process converting physical storage space into virtual resources
  • Recall the process to CR – Classroom Trainingeate host access storage on an SVC system
  • Differentiate the advanced software features designed to simplify data management, reclaim storage  space, and preserve storage investments
  • Differentiate methods in which to migrate data to and from the virtualized system environment
  • Summarize the methods of remote data replications to improve availability and support for disaster recovery
  • Employ administrative operations to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the system environment
  • Summarize the characteristics of IBM Storage Insights’ ability to identify, troubleshoot and minimize potential system downtime
  • Summarize 3-Site Replication and Safeguarded Copy




  • Day 1:
  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM SAN Volume Controller
  • Unit 2: IBM SAN Volume Controller Hardware Architecture
  • Unit 3: IBM SVC SAS-Attached Storage
  • Unit 4: IBM SVC System Scaling
  • Unit 5: IBM SVC System Installation and Management Access
  • Exercise 0: Lab environment overview
  • Exercise 1: System user authentication


  • Day 2:
  • Unit 6: IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Storage Provisioning
  • Unit 7: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Volume Allocation
  • Unit 8: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Host Integration
  • Unit 9: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Data Reduction Technologies
  • Exercise 2: Manage external storage resources
  • Exercise 3: Provision external storage resources
  • Exercise 4: Windows host definitions and volume allocations
  • Exercise 5: AIX host definitions and volume allocations
  • Exercise 6: iSCSI host definitions and volume allocations
  • Exercise 7: Thin Provisioning and Volume Mirroring


  • Day 3:
  • Unit 10: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Easy Tier
  • Unit 11: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Data Migration
  • Unit 12: IBM Spectrum Virtualize FlashCopy and Consistency Groups
  • Unit 13: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Remote Data Mirroring
  • Exercise 8: Data pool migration
  • Exercise 9: Migrate existing data with Import Wizard
  • Exercise 10: Migrate existing data with Migration Wizard
  • Exercise 11: Migrate existing data with Import Wizard CLI
  • Exercise 12: System sCR – Classroom Trainingipting


  • Day 4:
  • Unit 14: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Administration Management
  • Unit 15: IBM Storage Insights
  • Unit 16: IBM Spectrum Virtualize 3-Site Replication
  • Unit 17: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Safeguarded Copy
  • Exercise 13: IBM Real-time Compression and IBM Comprestimator
  • Exercise 14: FlashCopy and consistency groups
  • Exercise 15: Volume expansion
  • Exercise 16: Monitoring user roles and access

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