RTC Administration for Configuration Managers v6.0.5 (IBM Engineering Workflow Management) – ODC8055GCR,ILO

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Course Code: ODC8055G Brand: Engineering Lifecycle Mgmt Category: Business Operations Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 8H Modality:CR,ILO      Audience

SCM Administrators


  • Understand basic software development principles
  • Understand basic project planning principles

  Short Summary

Configure RTC (as of V6.0.6 renamed to IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM)) version control and build areas so that change and release management can be effectively adopted by the project team.  Overview

Please note that as of version 6.0.6, IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) has been renamed to IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM)

The RTC Administration for Configuration Managers course is designed to provide students with the knowledge to configure Rational Team Concert version control and build areas so that change and release management can be effectively adopted by the project team. Topics include CLM; RTC Source Control; Managing the Build Component; and Managing Reports.



  • Introduction to CLM
    • Collaboration across the lifecycle
      • The Rational solution for CLM
      • CLM products, applications and capabilities
      • Lifecycle projects
      • Collaboration and work items
      • Project dashboards
      • Rich hovers and comments
    • Common planning
      • Real-time planning
      • Release and iteration planning
    • Lifecycle traceability
      • Traceability relationships
      • Linkages
      • Gaps and managing impact
    • Rational reporting
      • Flow of information
      • Report results
  • Introduction to RTC Source Control
    • Overview
      • Key elements
      • Change sets
      • Streams
      • Components
      • Task-based development
      • Refactoring
      • Parallel development
      • Tool and process integrations
      • Event notifications
    • Configuring source control
      • Creating a project area
      • Creating project components
      • Adding files to source control
      • Adding Eclipse project artifacts to source control
      • Adding MS Visual Studio artifacts to source control
    • Understanding change flow
      • Workspaces
      • Change flow
      • Flow targets and diagrams
      • Project hierarchy
    • Source control in the command-line interface
      • User interfaces
      • Source control CLI
      • Command syntax
      • Sample commands
  • The RTC Team Build Component
    • Overview
      • Key elements
      • Architecture
      • Build objects
      • Roles and actions
    • Setting up the build system
      • The build engine
      • Ant build toolkit
      • Build definitions
      • Build engine types
      • Best practices
    • Monitoring build results
      • Monitoring builds
  • Managing Reports
    • Reports overview
      • Team reports
      • Reports in the web client
      • Reports in the team artifacts view
      • Viewing a report
      • Report resources
      • Creating reports
      • Formatting reports
      • Publishing and importing reports
      • Editing report parameters
    • Configuring Dashboards
      • Dashboard overview
      • Adding pages and widgets
      • Configuring widgets
      • Configuring dashboard templates


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Define how CLM is used
  • Configure project artifacts in source control
  • Understand change flow and how to organize an efficient project hierarchy
  • Use the source control command-line interface
  • Describe the build architecture
  • Understand build objects
  • Monitor build results
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