Unique Features of ReaQta

ReaQta leverages exceptional levels of intelligent automation and AI to help detect and remediate known and unknown threats in near real time.


Autonomous AI-Powered Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

– Uses continuous self-learning AI and Machine Learning to build an evolving baseline that protects endpoints from threats without requiring daily updates
– Future-proofs your organization with autonomous prevention of ransomware, fileless and in-memory attacks, both online and offline
– Supercharges gaps left by traditional security antivirus (AV) solutions with enhanced detection, visibility and control


High Threat Resolution

– Increases your understanding of threats in your environment mapped against tactics and techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK framework
– Helps reduce investigation time from minutes to seconds with threat intelligence and analysis scoring
– Uses prevalence monitoring to remove the guesswork needed to understand the impact and spread of infected artifacts across your organization


Enterprise Automation

– Helps you quickly implement new automations and functionality into your existing workflows using ReaQta API and integrations
– Integrates with SIEM and SOAR tools


Complete Hunt and Response Features

– Provides a user-friendly threat hunting platform with preconfigured hunt parameters that don’t require database query knowledge
– Offers complete remediation guidance and clickthrough response automation to help you contain any situation within seconds


Compliance Monitoring

– Delivers full visibility into user behavior and application usage to enhance your organization’s compliance policies and enforce standards
– Allows users to build custom detection strategies to address compliance or company-specific requirements using DeStra (Detection Strategy) scripting, without the need to reboot the endpoint
– Enables users to activate updates across the organization without endpoint intervention or downtime


Deployment in any environment

– Provides options for cloud and on-premises infrastructures and works in fully isolated air-gapped environments with no need for daily signature updates
– Installs in seconds without complex integrations, becomes operational within minutes and coexists seamlessly with existing AV software with zero conflicts
– Leaves no impact on the endpoint during deployment, daily operations and even after responding to a live incident


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

– Uses continuous self-learning AI and machine learning to build an evolving baseline that protects endpoints from threats without requiring daily updates
– Future-proofs your organization with autonomous prevention of ransomware, fileless and in-memory attacks, both online and offline
– Supercharges gaps left by traditional security antivirus (AV) solutions with enhanced detection, visibility and control

ReaQta Hive

ReaQta-Hive offers full visibility over the infrastructure, allowing real-time queries to the
endpoints, extended searches for both IOCs and behavioral indicators, together with
advanced data-mining for discovery of dormant threats.

Artificial Intelligence detection engines are used both on the endpoints and at the infrastructural level to identify new patterns of attack, anomalous activities and lateral movements. The flexibility provided by continuous learning A.I. allows for the detection of new techniques and previously unknown threats, that would otherwise escape detection from legacy solutions. A comprehensive early-warning system automatically identifies potential emerging threats, allowing the security teams to perform a full security assessment ahead of time.

Protection from Ransomware is guaranteed by a dedicated dynamic behavioral analysis engine, capable of detecting ransomware and crypto-based attacks without interruption of the business continuity. ReaQta-Hive automatically detects and blocks the ransomware without requiring any human interaction, preventing data loss and saving valuable time to security teams.

A highly automated process guarantees a response time down to the minute. There’s no need for additional security personnel, the analysis process is made simple and streamlined: the clean UI drives the analysts toward the most important events, while the A.I. automatically reconstructs

Unleash the full power of ReaQta-Hive engines by searching your whole infrastructure for presence of specific Indicators of Compromise (IOC), binaries and behaviors in real-time. Automated data mining enables the discovery of dormant threats waiting to be activated. Hunting down on threats is not just simple, but effective and incredibly fast.

The NanoOS is extremely light and designed for efficiency to benefit from the hardware acceleration provided by all modern CPUs: with an average overhead of only 0.5% and a memory consumption of just a few megabytes, ReaQta-Hive offers one of the lowest resource impacts in the industry.

ReaQta MDR

A managed detection and response service by ReaQta: 24/7 threat monitoring, incident
response and remediation. We work as an extension to organisations with lean IT teams,
looking for real-time monitoring, containment and eradication of complex threats.

Today’s cyber threats require a complete understanding of your environment in order to detect the most minute anomalies. Our team takes care of your infrastructure 24/7, tracking and resolving all alerts while keeping you always up to date.

ReaQta MDR team takes care of containing and remediating threats as soon as they’re detected – minimising your business risk and reducing damages and interruption of services.

Detection and Protection are important, however, providing visibility to you as a customer is essential. For this reason, The ReaQta MDR team will always keep you up-to-date with reports on anomalies and attacks that are ready to be shared with your management.

Our Team comes from the military, intelligence and analysis background – helping you to identify and track even the most sophisticated actors and run advanced threat hunting campaigns.

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