Phishing simulation
Phishing Simulation

Studies show that 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.

Reduce the cyber risk to your organization with OhPhish. Our phishing simulations mimic real-life attack scenarios that teach your employees to spot phishing scams and avoid the hefty cost of a data breach.

The 2 words Employees Should Not Utter After Clicking on a Phishing Email – OhPhish

Ways You Could Get Hooked

Phishing Simulation Tool

With OhPhish, you can:

Phishing simulation Tool

At OhPhish, we believe mitigating cybersecurity risks, especially those involving human error, begins with changing the cybersecurity hygiene of end-users. Our solution, which combines simulated phishing attacks with set-and-go training modules helps to improve awareness, alter user behavior and reduce the risk associated with social engineering attacks.

Phishing simulation Tool

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