We're excited to announce our new partnership with Arrow ECS. Through our partnership with Arrow ECS, one of IBM’s select Global Training Providers, Cyber Retaliator Solutions (CRS) now delivers authorized training for the design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of IBM technology, hardware, and storage. This partnership allows CRS to leverage the award-winning IBM technical training content that is exclusive to IBM’s Global Training Providers.

Train your employees today on the powerful IBM products and solutions your company relies on every day! Optimize your IBM technology investment with training and certifications on IBM products and solutions.

IBM Training and Skills Blog

  • by Iris Osper
    IBM’s Education Partner Interskill Learning announces new online training for: z/OS 2.5 22 new IBM Badges are now available for this Interskill Learning release of over 90 z/OS 2.5 specific elearning courses, simulations, skills assessments, hands-on labs and coaching/mentoring tools. For more about the remarkable impact of IBM Digital Badges on the mainframe industry, see […]
  • by sonia.malik
    Soft skills are essential to career resilience By 2025, some 85 million jobs may be lost to the emerging division of labor among humans, machines, and algorithms, according to a World Economic Forum report published in 2020, though 97 million more jobs may emerge that are better adapted to the new dynamic. But with the […]
  • by Natalie Brooks Powell
    My word for the year is “magic.” But I’m not pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I’m talking about using new opportunities to create innovation that feels like magic. You can learn how at the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT). In the coming months, ICCT will be center stage where there are plenty of […]
  • by Alexander Ziegler
    Quality of Education People have lots of opinions about what quality is. IBM uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) in many areas to judge the quality of a product or service but there are also other indicators like Awards etc. This blog is about the quality of our Global Training Providers and the question of if […]
  • by Iris Osper
    If you want to make sure that you are enrolling in a guaranteed to run course, then this is the place to be. Here you will find a list of all the official IBM Training courses that are guaranteed to run for the month to come. Please note that this snapshot is correct at the […]

In other news

(ISC)² Gauteng Chapter invites you to this informative virtual session that will benefit organisations concerned about cybersecurity and compliance.

Three Keys To Fast-Track Your Cybersecurity Posture For Compliance


About the Keynote Speaker

Brenda Kali is the founder of Conscious Companies

Brenda is an advocate of conscious ethical leadership who has over the years set into motion a stream of consciousness that is organically changing the landscape of how business is done and the ethos of leadership. Her twenty-five-year tenure as an executive saw the reputational turnaround of major companies including Sasol and Telkom. A former member of the Board of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SACCI), she currently serves on the Board of Primeserv and Project Literacy, a 45-year-old NGO. Ethics, social impact, strategic transformation and conscious awareness has always been the quality of her leadership that advocates a values-driven socio-economic system.

About the Speaker

Dylan Nel is Head Of Vendor Engagement at CRS

Dylan has a wealth of experience focused on Sales, Logistics and Vendor Engagement in the Cyber Security Space. Having spent over a decade working in cybersecurity, Dylan who is an analytical, detailed orientated problem solver will share some valuable insights.

Three Keys To Fast-Track Your Cybersecurity Posture For Compliance

Cyber Awareness – Understanding which areas within your organisation requires strengthening, such as skills and knowledge, will help you to determine where improvement is required to reach your goals. The aim should be to equip your organisation to reach these predefined goals and objectives, by providing your workforce with the skills required to get the job done with data safety and excellence in mind. Targeted attacks are delivered via malicious links, file attachments, and login forms. A user should be able to identify the warning signs and understand what to do in the event of a spear-phishing attack. Humans are our most valuable asset, however also our weakest link.Data Protection – What protection should there be when data lands in the wrong hands. Again, employees are the weakest link in an organisation and taking the responsibility to safeguard data “out” of employee’s hands is both beneficial to the employee and the company. This is where encryption and mobile device management play a huge role.

Vulnerability assessments, Penetration Testing and Web Application scanning – Are these required and if so, how often are they required? What should be covered when these assessments are done.


October 19 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Event Agenda

17h00 – 17h10: Welcome and AGM Update (Sunisha Ramessur – Marketing Manager)

17h10 – 17h15: Keynote – Sustainability and Cybersecurity (Brenda Kali – Founder – Conscious Companies)

17h15 – 18h10: Three Keys To Fast-Track Your Cybersecurity Posture For Compliance (Dylan Nel – Cyber Retaliator Solutions)

18h10 – 18h25: Q&A Session

18h25 – 18h30: Closing (Sunisha Ramessur )

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