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Course Code: MAX4316G Brand: Maximo – Asset Management Category: Business Operations Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 6H Modality:SPVC      Audience

Consultants, System Administrators, Support, Sales, Users


  Short Summary

In this course, you are introduced to various topics in asset management of Maximo Application Suite Manage.  Overview

This course covers topics such as Asset creation, Asset Application, Meters and its association with the assets, various aspects of Asset movement swap and modification, along with Locations from the perspective of Assets. You also learn about Asset Classification, Linear Assets, creating asset relationships, Item assembly structures, various aspects of asset depreciation and Asset maintenance cost roll up. Additionally, you learn how Maximo Health and Predict play a role with asset.

This course also includes carefully curated product demonstrations and a hands-on Lab to apply your learning.


  • Learn about MAS – Manage Asset Management
  • Practice what you have learned (hands-on-lab)
  • Earn the badge


By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the role of Asset Management in Maximo and its related data. 
  • Understand and create an asset record from the assets application. 
  • Create an asset record using rotating items. 
  • Describe and create an asset template and generate new assets and update existing assets from this template. 
  • Discuss Meters, meter groups and it usage in Asset management. 
  • Describe locations from the perspective of assets. 
  • Move assets from one location to another, swap assets, modify asset users, modify custodians, modify groups, and modify attributes. 
  • Create assets, specify storeroom locations, and issue assets. 
  • Modify asset specifications thru the asset application and thru the work order. 
  • Create item assembly structures and apply it to assets and locations. 
  • Create asset records and Item assembly structure from the Receiving application using an approved purchase order. 
  • Describe asset classifications. Understand and create linear assets. 
  • Create new classifications that are used in items and asset records. 
  • Understand relationships and create it between multiple assets, be it linear or point assets. 
  • Create new rotating items that references newly created classifications. 
  • Define the asset depreciation schedule and the different aspects involved with it. 
  • Describe the asset maintenance cost roll up in Maximo. 
  • Describe how asset management can be enhanced with Maximo Health and Maximo Predict.
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