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Course Code: SSFH1DG Brand: Spectrum Computing Category: Systems Skill Level: Basic Duration: 4H Modality:WBT      Audience

  • Anyone interested in the subject matter.


  Short Summary

This course introduces students to IBM Spectrum Fusion, how to install the solution, configure it, its data protection features and how to navigate the user interface.  Overview

The foundations of the IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI (Hyper-converged Infrastructure) and SDS (Software-defined Storage) are covered in this course. It introduces students to IBM Spectrum Fusion, how to install the solution, configure it, and navigate the user interface.



The course delves deeper into how to use its data protection features, manage events, log collection, and how to use its graphical user interface.



There are demos to show these concepts in action.



This course earns you the IBM Spectrum Fusion Technical Essentials badge: 



  • Unit 1: IBM Spectrum Fusion Overview 
  • Unit 2: Setting Up IBM Spectrum Fusion 
  • Unit 3: Managing Hardware Resources on IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI 
  • Unit 4: Encryption for Storage 
  • Unit 5: Data Protection 
  • Unit 6: Managing Call Home 
  • Unit 7: Managing Events 
  • Unit 8: Monitoring and Log Collection 
  • Unit 9: Understanding the IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI User Interface 
  • Unit 10: What’s new in IBM Spectrum Fusion


  • Provide an overview of IBM Spectrum Fusion
  • Identify the requirements for setting up IBM Spectrum Fusion
  • Summarize how hardware resources on IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI are managed
  • Describe encryption for storage
  • Describe data protection
  • Understand how to manage Call Home
  • Understand how to manage Events
  • Describe the process of monitoring and log collection
  • Explain the IBM Spectrum Fusion user interface
  • List the changes in IBM Spectrum Fusion 2.3
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