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Course Code: CM121G Brand: IBM Z – Information Management Solution Category: Systems Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 24H Modality:CR      Audience

This is an intermediate course for IMS system programming and technical support individuals, who need to understand installation, customization, administration, and maintenance on a DBCTL system.


You should complete:



  • IMS Fundamentals (CM010), or
  • _x000D_

  • IMS Fundamentals – Web (CMW01)
  • _x000D_

  • or have equivalent knowledge
  • _x000D_


You should have some system programming experience with IMS and CICS systems.

  Short Summary

This class is taught in a traditional stand up lecture format.


Database Control (DBCTL) is an Information Management System (IMS) facility that provides CICS access to an IMS database subsystem. DBCTL provides access for CICS transactions to IMS managed databases. Get a detailed description of the activities required to install, tailor, maintain, and support an IMS DBCTL system. Additionally, learn about aspects of the IMS architecture that apply to database management and attaching to CICS systems and transactions.


  • Introduction to IMS DBCTL
  • IMS DBCTL Installation and Installation Verification Program (IVP) Dialog
  • IMS DBCTL System Definition
  • Preparing the operating system
  • IMS Locking, IMS Logger, DBRC Overview and Syncpoint Processing
  • Building the IMS DBCTL System
  • Online Change and Dynamic Resource Definition (DRD)
  • DBCTL Image Copy Utilities
  • DBCTL operations
  • IMS Application Scheduling flow in a DBCTL Environment
  • The Open Data Base Access (ODBA) Feature
  • Recovery Restart in a DBCTL Environment



  • Understand DBCTL in an IMS environment
  • _x000D_

  • Design, install, and customize a DBCTL system according to application requirements
  • _x000D_

  • Perform basic system administration for an IMS system with DBCTL including the operating and optimization of a CICS – IMS Database Controller configuration
  • _x000D_

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