IBM Netcool Operations Insight 1.4 – Fundamentals – TOD43GSPVC

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Course Code: TOD43G Brand: Management and Platform Category: Cloud Skill Level: Basic Duration: 16H Modality:SPVC      Audience

Any one who needs to know how to use Netcool Operations Insight


Before taking this course, you should have the following skills:



  • Basic knowledge of UNIX would be helpful, but not necessary
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  Short Summary

Solve business problems using Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/Impact, IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis, IBM Tivoli Network Manager, and Netcool Configuration Manager.  Overview

This course shows you how to solve business problems using an integrated suite of products. The products integrated in this course include Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/Impact, IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis, IBM Tivoli Network Manager, and Netcool Configuration Manager.


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Netcool Operations Insight overview

  • Starting the environment

Netcool/OMNIbus and Netcool/Impact

  • Extending the event record
  • Populating the event record with customer-specific data
  • Creating dashboards

IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis

  • Analyzing WebSphere Application Server log files
  • Analyzing DB2 log files
  • Analyzing web server access log files

Event search

  • Analyzing event data with Log Analysis
  • Using launch-in-context tools from Netcool Web GUI 

Related events

  • Verifying configuration objects
  • Working with related events
  • Viewing grouped events

Seasonal events

  • Verifying configuration objects
  • Working with seasonal events
  • Creating a seasonal event rule

Network Manager

  • Starting the network simulator
  • Discovering devices with Network Manager
  • Configuring polling
  • Topology visualization
  • Automated root cause
  • Network Manager tools
  • Network Manager reports

Netcool Configuration Manager

  • Working with Configuration Manager
  • Working with Compliance Manager
  • Modifying a router configuration
  • Detecting out of band changes

Network Health Dashboard

  • Overview of the dashboard


After you complete this course, you can perform the following tasks:



  • Add customer-specific data to event records to manage infrastructure issues from a business perspective
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  • Analyze unstructured data in various log formats to increase operational agility
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  • Search real-time and historical events to improve operational efficiency
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  • Use related events analysis to identify event groupings
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  • Use event seasonality analysis to discover events that occur in a non-random pattern over time
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  • Use Network Manager to discover a simulated network, and reduce mean time to_x000D_
    repair with root cause analysis
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  • Use Netcool Configuration Manager to detect and recover from network issues due_x000D_
    to unauthorized configuration changes
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