IBM MQ V9 Application Development (Windows Labs)

This self-paced course with hands-on exercises is also available as classroom course IBM MQ V9 Application Development (Windows Labs) (WM513G).

This course helps you develop the skills that are necessary to implement various application requirements on IBM MQ versions up to and including IBM MQ V9.0.2. It focuses on procedural application development for IBM MQ.

The course begins by desCR – Classroom Trainingibing IBM MQ and the effect of design and development choices in the IBM MQ environment. It then covers IBM MQ application programming topics such as methods of putting and getting messages, identifying code that CR – Classroom Trainingeates queue manager affinities, working with transactions, and uses of the publish/subsCR – Classroom Trainingibe messaging style.

Finally, the course desCR – Classroom Trainingibes the IBM MQ Light interface, introduces Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), and explains how to set up an AMQP channel and how to interface with IBM MQ Light.

Hands-on exercises throughout the course reinforce the lecture material and give you experience with IBM MQ clients.

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