IBM Monitoring 8.1.3 Implementation and Administration – TM673GCR,ILO

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Course Code: TM673G Brand: Management and Platform Category: Cloud Skill Level: Basic Duration: 16H Modality:CR,ILO      Audience

This course is designed for users, administrators, and implementers.


Before taking this course, you should have the following skills:



  • The ability to navigate Linux and Windows applications
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  • A working knowledge of an Internet browser
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  Short Summary

This course provides the foundational skills necessary to configure, administer, and accomplish the major business functions provided by IBM Identity Manager.  Overview

This course teaches you how to install and use the IBM Monitoring v8.1.3 software to manage your environment. You install and configure the product, install various agents, create applications, manage users, detect problems and integrate with NetCool/OMNIbus, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, and Dashboard Application Services Hub.


Introduction to IBM Monitoring

  • Overview and architecture
  • Monitoring agents and categories
  • Application based monitoring
  • Monitoring agent examples
  • Integrating with IBM Performance Management
  • The IBM Monitoring lab environment


  • Overview of installation
  • Prerequisites and the prerequisite checker
  • Installing the Performance Management Server
  • Installing IBM Monitoring agents

Administer and use IBM Performance Management

  • Starting and stopping the Performance Management Server  
  • Starting and stopping agents   
  • Starting the Performance Management Console
  • Managing applications
  • Using attribute details to access data from an agent
  • Configure and use the Log File Agent
  • Managing users of the Performance Management Console

Managing events and thresholds

  • Events
  • Threshold Manager
  • Resource Group Manager

Integrating IBM Monitoring with other products

  • Integrating IBM Tivoli Monitoring
  • Bluemix integration
  • Netcool/OMNIbus integration
  • Event notification
  • Integrating with IBM Alert Notification
  • IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis integration
  • Integrating with IBM Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights
  • Dashboard Application Services Hub with IBM Performance Management agent data
  • Integrate with IBM Control Desk

Reporting and 7-day comparison

  • Historical 7-day comparison
  • Reporting


In this course, you learn to perform the following tasks:


• Explore the IBM Monitoring architecture.


• Install and configure IBM Monitoring.


• Administer, use, and navigate the Performance Management Console to monitor and manage a monitoring solution that is built with IBM Monitoring.


• Manage events effectively by using facilities that are provided with IBM Monitoring.


• Integrate IBM Monitoring with other products.


• Run reports and a 7-day comparison.

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