IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series: UI customizations

This self-paced training course introduces students to IBM Maximo solution. This course includes interactive video presentations, demonstrations, and a virtual lab. 


This course will cover UI customizations including domains, Application Designer and database configurations. It will also introduce advanced customizations with an example of adding inspection form requirements to the receiving process. 


ATTENTION: This is course 9 of 9 in the IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series badge.  Each course and lab exercise can be completed independently within the bootcamp series, but if you are new to Maximo it is recommended that you work through the courses in sequence. You can earn a badge if you complete the entire series and pass the quiz.  Click here to go to the badge course (IBM Maximo 7.6 bootcamp series badge). Click here to view the badge on CR – Classroom Trainingedly. 

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