IBM InfoSphere Advanced QualityStage V11.5 – KM413G CR

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Course Code: KM413G

Brand: UGI – Master Data Management Server

Category: Cloud

Skill Level: Advanced

Duration: 24.00H

Modality: CR




The intended audience for this course are:
• QualityStage programmers
• Data Analysts responsible for data quality using QualityStage
• Data Quality Architects
• Data Cleansing Developers
• Data Quality Developers needing to customize QualityStage rule sets



Participants should have:
• Compled the QualityStage Essentials course, or have equivalent experience
• familiarity with Windows and a text editor
• familiarity with elementary statistics and probability concepts (desirable but not essential)


Short Summary

Learn about the IBM InfoSphere Advanced QualityStage V11.5 data cleansing process



This course will step you through the QualityStage data cleansing process. You will transform an unstructured data source into a format suitable for loading into an existing data target. You will cleanse the source data by building a customer rule set that you create and use that rule set to standardize the data. You will next build a reference match to relate the cleansed source data to the existing target data.



After completing this course,  you should be able to:
• Modify rule sets
• Build custom rule sets
• Standardize data using the custom rule set
• Perform a reference match using standardized data and a reference data set
• Use advanced techniques to refine a Two-source match



Please refer to the course overview

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