IBM FileNet P8 Platform 5.5.x Building and Configuring an Object Store

This course provides technical professionals with the needed skills to build and configure an object store. It teaches you how to work with an IBM FileNet Content Manager repository.

The course begins with an introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. You learn about IBM FileNet Content Manager container environment, features, and architecture. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate an object store in Administration Console for Content Platform Engine and configure it in the IBM Navigator administration desktop to make the repository accessible to business users.

You learn how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate storage areas and storage policies to store the repository content. You define choice lists and property templates to use it for the object classes metadata. You define custom Document classes and Folder classes to organize the documents. This course introduces security concepts for the IBM FileNet P8 assets. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate events and subsCR – Classroom Trainingiptions to initiate your custom code or actions that are invoked when you CR – Classroom Trainingeate or modify the repository objects.

You use Content Services GraphQL to retrieve, CR – Classroom Trainingeate, and edit the Content Platform Engine objects.

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