IBM Enterprise Records 5.1 – System Administration – F175G CR

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Course Code: F175G

Brand: Digital Business Automation

Category: Cloud

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 32.00H

Modality: CR




This intermediate course is for anyone who is planning to configure, maintain, or administer an IBM Enterprise Records system.



You should complete:

  • IBM FileNet P8 5.0: Prerequisite Skills using Workplace XT (F141G)
  • IBM FileNet P8 Administration 4.5 (F0420)


Short Summary

This comprehensive course begins with basics and shows you how to administer your records management system, configure the system for declaration, and automate record administration processes.



This course is for those who administer and maintain an IBM Enterprise Records system.

You work with a fully functioning IBM Enterprise Records system to practice the skills required for system configuration, administration, and system maintenance.



  • Identify the capabilities of IBM Enterprise Records.
  • Identify the role of IBM Enterprise Records in an enterprise compliance solution.
  • Identify and search for records that are ready for disposition
  • Initiate disposition.
  • Declare electronic records.
  • Create a disposition schedule.
  • Add alternate retentions.
  • Work with file plan containers.
  • Work with holds.
  • Configure an object store for record declaration.
  • Create a record class that allows property mapping from document to record.
  • Enable editable link classes.
  • Create and use a new link class.
  • Modify security on a category.
  • Control access to IBM Enterprise Records assets and functionality from IBM FileNet Workplace.
  • Create and use a new marking set.
  • Export and import a file plan.
  • Configure multiple instances of Disposition Sweep.
  • Configure an instance of Hold Sweep.
  • Configure automatic destruction of records.
  • Enable and configure auditing.
  • View and export audit logs.
  • Enable metadata retention on the file plan.
  • Export and delete retained metadata from the production system.
  • Automate record declaration



  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer, configure, and maintain an IBM Enterprise Records system.
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