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Course Code: F182G Brand: Digital Bus Automation Category: Cloud Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 8H Modality:CR      Audience

This intermediate course is for anyone who administers an IBM Enterprise Records system.



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Configure the Enterprise Records system for automatic declaration. Use workflows and event subscriptions to declare records.  Overview

Your company wants to automate records declaration for your IBM Enterprise Records system. In this course, you learn to configure automatic record declaration using two different methods: event subscriptions and workflow.


You work with a fully functioning IBM Enterprise Records system to practice the skills required for automating record declaration.


  • Configure an event action for record declaration
  • Create an event subscription to automatically declare a record
  • Create a workflow that declares a record without user intervention
  • Create a workflow subscription to launch a record declaration workflow



  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to automate record declaration on an Enterprise Records system
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