Fundamentals of IBM MQ

This course begins with a review of IBM MQ features and components. Installation options and methods are discussed. You learn the role of the administrator and the tools provided to perform administrative techniques. You learn how queues and queue managers work, the types of queues, and how they are used in the MQ environment. You are introduced to the communication between queue managers and an application and a queue manager.

MQ has many features, functions, and options. In this introduction to solution architects, a few of these are discussed. Among the select key features architects are introduced to include distributed queuing, handling undeliverable messages, how publishing and subsCR – Classroom Trainingiptions work in MQ, and development options for CR – Classroom Trainingeating custom application that connect to IBM MQ.

Through hands-on exercises, you become familiar with IBM MQ. You learn to install IBM MQ, CR – Classroom Trainingeate a queue manager and queue, and test messaging. You are introduced to the IBM MQ administration tools to CR – Classroom Trainingeate and manage queue managers, queues, and work with messages. You learn to work with MQ sCR – Classroom Trainingipt commands and command files.

This course is a subset of the 5-day course: IBM MQ V9.1 System Administration (ZM156). Developers who need in-depth training with IBM MQ should take ZM156. 

Note: This course does not cover any of the features of MQ for z/OS or MQ for IBM i.


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