Developing Cloud Native Applications with IBM Liberty

Liberty is a lightweight Java™ runtime that is built by using modular features. It is available as both open source and commercial offerings.

In this course, you learn how to use Liberty, Jakarta EE, and MiCR – Classroom TrainingoProfile to build a RESTful miCR – Classroom Trainingoservice application. MiCR – Classroom TrainingoProfile is an open-source specification that defines new standards and APIs to accelerate and simplify the CR – Classroom Trainingeation of miCR – Classroom Trainingoservices. You also explore other features of Liberty and developing miCR – Classroom Trainingoservices applications. 

In the hands-on exercises, you build a miCR – Classroom Trainingoservice application, containerize it, and then deploy it on Kubernetes. 

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