Developing Case Management Solutions using IBM Business Automation Workflow V20.0.0.2

This course provides technical professionals with the needed skills to develop Case Management solutions in IBM Business Automation Workflow.


The course begins with an introduction to IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW). You learn about BAW capabilities, case management concepts, architecture, and the benefits of using IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud. You manage cases in the BAW Case Client.


You learn about the case solution design and build and deploy your first case solution. You export and import case solutions. You define various case objects such as properties, choice lists, roles, business objects, and case types. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate To-do Tasks and Container activities, and implement preconditions and Sets to manage activities. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate custom property views for case pages. You model BPM processes for case activities and CR – Classroom Trainingeate client-side human services. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate case stages and manage the stages manually and automatically with process JavaSCR – Classroom Trainingipt API.


This course teaches how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate custom pages and implement Free Form page layout and utility widgets. You configure the Calendar widget, subsCR – Classroom Trainingibe to external calendars, and CR – Classroom Trainingeate and view quick tasks in the Calendar widget. You customize the toolbar and menu for a case page, wire two widgets together, and implement SCR – Classroom Trainingipt Adapter widgets to transform data.


This course teaches how to promote an existing case solution to a workflow project and to integrate an existing BPM process in a case solution. You CR – Classroom Trainingeate, apply, and export a security configuration for a case solution.


Through instructor-led presentations and hands-on lab exercises, you learn about the core features of IBM Business Automation Workflow case management.

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