Cybersecurity Breach Response Case Studies

In this course, you will explore incident response methodologies and security models, and will learn to recognize and categorize key types of vulnerabilities and associated attacks against today’s organizations. You will do an in-depth review of several past and recent breaches to learn how they were detected and what was done, or could have been done, to reduce the threat risk to the organization. Finally, you will explore the costs of data breaches through research studies and well known breaches.At the end of this course, you will select and research a cybersecurity breach in the news today. You will apply your knowledge and skills from this course and previous cybersecurity courses to analyze the type of attack, attack timeline, vulnerable systems, and any missed opportunities. This project will be graded by the course instructor.This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of cybersecurity. This is the seventh and final course in a series to acquire the skills to work in the field as a Cybersecurity Analyst.


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