Configuring Organizations, Participants, and User Security in IBM Sterling Order Management

This course provides an overview of Applications Manager and Sterling Order Management. It desCR – Classroom Trainingibes the business models supported by Sterling Order Management. It also throws light on how to CR – Classroom Trainingeate organizations, define participants, CR – Classroom Trainingeate users, and configure user permissions. In this 5-hour long self-paced training interactive video course, students learn about topics such as how to map participants to different roles defined in Sterling Order Management, configure attributes for the roles, configure prerequisites for user CR – Classroom Trainingeation, and configure users and data access policies. The course involves procedural information, demonstrations, quizzes, and exercises in the form of hands-on labs and pen-and-paper activity, and their solutions. You must complete all of the required activities before you can take the quizzes. The course certificate is awarded after passing all the quizzes.

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