Give your clients peace of mind with PC & device encryption, compliance,
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Easy, unified, web-managed mobile device security

BeachheadSecureā„¢ Management System is a single, configurable, web-based console with device modules that can be added in any mix or quantity for iPhone & iPads, Android devices, Windows & Mac PCs and USB storage devices. This unique system allows you to remotely secure the vulnerable devices in your organisation - including those owned by employees.

Protection In
A Matter of
Hours, Not

Remotely deployed through the cloud and free from onerous hardware or software requirements, Cyber Retaliator Solutions (CRS) can have you protected company-wide in just hours ā€“ including devices far from your office. CRS can rapidly deploy the solution to all company or employee-owned devices without business disruption. Whatever your quantity and mix of Windows and Mac computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, or USB Storage devices, CRS can ensure that they are protected quickly and thoroughly. And, as with all our services, youā€™re billed on a monthly basis for only those devices under our protection.

Who needs this? Your clients do.

Data security is no longer an optional (or discretionary) MSP service. Ever-increasing (and complex) threats put your clientā€™s integrity and business continuity at risk. Businesses can be ruined by a single data exposure, insider threat, breach, or a compliancy violationā€¦and once that happens, itā€™s too late. BeachheadSecure is the proven and trusted platform that ensures your clientsā€™ business continuity through robust security enforcement.

BeachheadSecure is an advanced web-based platform that makes it simple to enforce and manage encryption and access control on remote Windows & Mac PCs, USB Storage, Phones & Tablets and Windows Servers. BeachheadSecure protects organizations against insider risk, poor user security hygiene, compliancy violations and lost & stolen devices. BeachheadSecure Cyber Data IT Network Security.

Productive and Compatible

PCs are still the heart and soul of employee productivity.

Thereā€™s more data here for thieves than any other mobile device. Additionally, industry, national, state and local regulations require encryption ā€“ and sometimes elimination ā€“ of all at risk consumer data. Still, many businesses fail to comply, leaving customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft, opening the possibility for legal problems, and allowing sensitive corporate information to escape.

An enlightened form of encryption and more!

Most software encryption solutions come at the expense of employee productivity.  BeachheadSecureā„¢ however, leverages resident OS tools. And why not? Using on-board encryption provides both compatibility and maximum efficiency ā€“ Microsoft, Apple and Google make sure of it! These tools are organizationally managed and user-transparent.

While encryption is necessary and generally effective at protecting hard drive data from hackers encryption alone canā€™t be relied upon for complete data security. If a computer password is compromised (known or easily ascertained), or if a laptop is stolen with the power on and authenticated, encryption canā€™t protect it. What then?  BeachheadSecureā„¢ cloud-managed architecture allows the organization to reach out to that device and, drawing on a variety of security measures, this innovative tool can ensure the data is safe. For example, the administrator might opt to remotely deny access (temporary ā€œquarantineā€) to the data on a lost Windows PC or destroy completely the data on a stolen Mac.

All Things Mobile.

Ā BeachheadSecureā„¢ is the only web-managed endpoint security system that can enforce encryption and security policy including wiping at-risk data ā€“ on Windows & Mac PCs, iPhones & iPads, Android mobility devices and USB Flash devices from one unified administration console.

Benefits of BeachheadSecure

Ensures compliance to legal obligations & stakeholder mandated information security guidelines.

Mitigate the risk of data exposure to any unAuthorised user or thief when a device is lost, stolen or impounded or kept or the internet.
Kill access to sensitive or confidential data when a device is reported stolen or as needed. Mission Impossible, made possible!
Leverage device telemetry for forensic, auditing or reporting purposes for any of your secured devices, be it Windows or Mac PCs & laptops, encrypted USB storage, and Android and iOS phones and tablets. One-button ā€œCompliancy Reportā€ to demonstrate security and compliance for client custodial data.
Securely shield data between users on Windows PCs so when you need to give your PC to the ā€œIT Guyā€, be assured your data remains inaccessible to them - unless you choose to provide access!

Automatically and simply set up access to your organizational Wi-Fi connections on phones and tablets without users ever knowing the password. Also remotely decommission Wi-Fi access to prevent employees, volunteers & contractorsleaving the organization with continued access to the network without disruption caused to current Wi-Fi users

Immediately eliminate access to phone and tablet devices if lost, stolen or impounded.

USB Storage

Small, dense and portable storage devices that plug into PCs like flash, optical and external hard drives are ideal for transporting, backing up and sharing business data. These portable devices are so inexpensive and ubiquitous that employees often carry their own into the workplace.

Unfortunately, without oversight these popular storage devices may very well represent your companyā€™s greatest threat for a catastrophic data breach. Fortunately, Beachhead offers Ā BeachheadSecureā„¢ USB a plug-in module to The Beachhead Ā BeachheadSecureā„¢ Management System. From one centralized management console, administrators can enforce encryption and remotely change security policy not only on Mac and Windows Computers, Android and iOS phones and tablet, but now on all standard USB storage peripheral devices.

and offered as software-as-a-service (ā€œSaaSā€) subscription, Beachhead services were the first to market ā€“ even before The Cloud and SaaS were fashionable. This web-managed approach has proven to be particularly pertinent given the proliferation of device types, operating systems and communication protocols that have moved ever further from corporate controls. With Beachhead subscriptions there is absolutely no software or network infrastructure to buy or support. Protection can be deployed over your entire inventory of mobile devices immediately through the cloud, providing company-wide protection in a matter of hours. Cyber Data IT Network Security.

Beachheadsecure's outlook Encryption Application

Add-in for Outlook to allow sending emails (body/attachment/invites) as encrypted, in a way that is easy for the sender and simple for the recipient.
BeachheadSecure Cyber Data IT Network Security.

Send Securely

Data Subjects want their Personal Information (PI) and sensitive data to be secured and protected, including when it is emailed.

All password encrypted PDF file(s) are created using AES 256-bit encryption prior to sending, ensuring the app employs strong security to satisfy even the strictest auditor or regulation.

Earn Trust

Do the right thing for your business by taking real and effective) steps to safeguard personal/sensitive information, including when it is emailed.

Using this app to send email as encrypted will make your business look professional to stakeholders and will demonstrate that you are serious about information security and sensitive data handling, even to auditors and regulators.

Remain Compliant

Laws require your business to provide proper protections and safeguarding of all personal and/or sensitive data, including when it is emailed.

The app boasts some outstanding features and functions making it a total breeze for your business to implement and for employees to use (immediately). This software will yield an instant return-on-investment (ROI) for your business.

Bank Grade Email Encryption

A simple and intuitive app installed as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook on any Windows PC to send emails as encrypted, in a way that is easy for the sender and simple for the recipient, using the PDF standard.

Encrypt the full message body and attachments, or encrypt attachments-only either in their native format (for editing), or have it automatically converted to PDF.

Tightly integrated with the Outlook email client on Windows PC makes for effortless and hassle-free encrypted email sending using the renowned PDF standard which means there's no keys, certificates or special decryption software needed by the recipient(s) - just a password and a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader which is widely used and totally free.

This app caters for automatic transmission of the PDF password to the recipient via Email or SMS - the choice is yours. You can send the actual password or a password-hint instead.

Passwords can be automatically generated for Recipients or it can be manually assigned using custom passwords.

Importantly, this app provides for a personal password list as well as the use of a shared "organization-wide" (admin-controlled) password list.

De-Risk Your Business


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