Advanced Administering Environments with IBM Instana Observability

In this course, you learn more about the basic architecture of IBM Instana and how to install various kinds of host agents in different modes. In addition, you learn how to optionally pin an agent to a specific version in case that is ever needed. You learn how to install agents on various platforms, such as a Docker, directly to the host, YAML, Operator, and Helm chart. This course also desCR – Classroom Trainingibes how to configure and instrument a website for End User Monitoring (EUM) along with a discussion about how to review website monitoring page metrics. You learn how to use the Web REST API to perform IBM Instana functions programmatically. And, since Instana is only capable of producing dashboards for a single Instana instance at a time, this course shows you how to integrate Grafana with one or more Instana instances to produce federated dashboards.

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