Power Systems Running Linux: Storage Management – LX072G CR,ILO

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Course Code: LX072G

Brand: Power Systems – Linux

Category: Systems

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 16.00H

Modality: CR,ILO




The audiences for this training include Power systems support personnel, Linux technical support individuals, Linux developers, Linux system administrators, system architects and engineers that may work with Linux running on an IBM Power system.



Students should have general knowledge of IBM Power Systems servers and partitions. This could be obtained by attending LX024 Essentials of PowerVM.


Short Summary

This course is designed to expand on Linux storage management in a Power Systems environment.



This course is designed to provide the students with what they need to know when managing storage in a Linux on Power environment.  IBM Power Systems provide a large variety of storage options and combining these options with Linux storage management techniques is a critical skill required by today’s system administrator.

This course provides students with an opportunity to work with Power Systems storage devices, focusing on those skill sets needed to manage these devices on Linux Servers.




Unit 1: Welcome, Introduction to Power storage (PowerVM, VIOS)

     Exercise 1: Navigating the lab environment

Unit 2: Device naming and File System management

     Exercise 2: Managing devices


Unit 3: SAN attached devices and MultiPath IO

     Exercise 3: Multipath IO

Unit 4: Logical Volume Management



After completing this course, you should be able to:

  •     Describe storage options for Linux distributions running in a Power Systems environment
  •     Interpret storage configuration data
  •     Implement storage devices with PowerVM
    • VIOS
    • Fibre Channel
    •  iSCSI
  •     Differentiate native Linux and hardware RAID solutions
  •     Validate configuration options

    Design solutions for attaching storage resources to a Linux on Power host

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